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Seduce Me

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Bisexual, Emotions, Non-monogamy, Random, Role Play, Swinging

My sex drive can be something like a roller coaster, lots of highs and lows and nothing substantial in between.

The only thing I’ve discovered is that there is an inverse relationship between my sex drive and stress.  High stress levels equates to little or no sex drive.

Well, the last couple of weeks have been nothing but high stress.  Work demands have been chaotic and unpredictable.  Personally, I’m in the sprint to finish 3 exams in the next 3 months with the nearest one being in 9 days.   Master and I have been less than loving with one another. My body is fighting against me – everything hurts.  Blah, blah and blah…

Anyway, I’ve said all this to say – I want NEED to be seduced.  I want to be able to forget about mundane life for an evening. To go out, have dinner and/or drinks, and be seduced in such a way that I feel sexy and desired – something like that sure would go a long way in getting my sex drive back on track.

That is all… k, thanks!




And Your Name Is?

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Non-monogamy, Role Play, Swinging

We had agreed to meet for drinks at the local watering hole,
my arrival later than agreed upon was deliberate and manipulative.
I saw you from the corner of my eye when I crossed the threshold,
intentionally making my way to the opposite side of the bar.

Your eyes were piercing through me, watching every swing of my hips,
then you’re suddenly distracted as another patron takes a seat across the booth.
I slide onto a bar stool and order a drink,
cross my legs and turn in your direction,
you nervously shift in the booth and greet the visitor.

A bit of a smirk sweeps across your face, I can see the thoughts as they race through your mind.
You turn toward me, expecting an acknowledgement but I’ve taken up conversation with another patron.
As your attention turns back to your visitor, she shifts out of her seat  and slides in beside you.
Your line of sight now blocked, unable to make eye contact with me.

Her skirt was short, short enough that the bare flesh of her ass was touching the bench you now shared.
She leaned in to whisper into your ear, giving you a clear view of me – I offer my acknowledgement with a simple nod.
Your look turns to that of helplessness, almost pleading that I help rid you of her presence.
My lips part as a smile crosses my face, I take a sip of wine and return to my conversation.

Her hand slides down your chest and rests at your belt buckle, heat begins to radiate from your groin.
Who is this woman and why is she touching me, you wondered, casting another glimpse in my direction.
You briefly forget about her as your attention is drawn to the man now standing behind my bar stool.
You watch as he spins me around to face him and greedily puts his hand between my legs.
My eyes close as my head falls back, a moan crosses my lips and you can only assume his fingers have entered me.

You make a hasty attempt to rise from your seat, but she has other plans as she holds onto the buckle where her hand rest.
She turns around to glance at whatever has caught your eye, leans in again and introduces her husband.
Your eyes  meet hers as you try to comprehend the words she just spoke,
she leans in to kiss you and in the same breath assures you that I’m well taken care of.

Your imagination begins to overload your thoughts and your cock begins to grow underneath the weight of her hand.
As you watch her husband led me out of sight, she moves quickly to release your cock from its confines.
You try to get your thoughts wrapped around exactly what is happening, not understanding the sudden change of rules.
But, with her now kneeling beneath the table and your cock in her mouth you can’t help but see where this road leads.

Little did you know, I was still able to see you and her – her husband and I simply voyeurs to what was unfolding.
I knew it wouldn’t take long for you to relax and enjoy her mouth around your cock,
especially since the bar was now closed and even the staff seem to have vanished.

Before long I saw your hips pushing against her as you fucked her face.
You obviously wanted to continue the debauchery as you lead her out from under the table.
She stood on the bench and straddled you, slowly lowering herself to sit on the table.
You slide your hands under her shirt and lift it over her head,
leaning in to suckle each nipple as you take a mound into each hand.

You take another glance around the bar, your eyes sparkling with wanton lust.
I make myself visible, and give you an encouraging nod…knowing your looking for my approval.
You acknowledge me with a wink and return to your activities.

She breaks from your grip and leans back, propping her arms against the table.
You reposition yourself, remove her heels and rest her feet against your shoulders,
I watch as you rise from your seat, run your hands along her curves and cradle her face in one hand;
the other hand slides between her legs and you gently part her lips, dipping a finger into her wet honey pot.

My imagination takes me to a place where I’m next to you and your feeding me with her honey, one finger at a time.
It’s all I can do to sit and watch patiently from the sideline, and just as you let her taste her own nectar I begin to squirm in my seat.
My movement catches your attention and as you turn in my direction I let my legs part revealing my glistening cunt,
my hand  slides down to rest against it and you watch as I part my swollen lips and begin rubbing my clit.

Seeing that I’m turned on by the events unfolding before my eyes, you return to her and find that she has laid back against the table.
You lean forward and slide your hands under her ass as you lift her dripping cunt to your face,
your tongue flicks and teases her clit until you decide to plunge it deep inside of her,
she lets out a whimper and grinds herself against your face,
you allow a hand to slide toward the crack of her ass pushing your thumb against her ass cunt.

Her body begins to tense as a quake of several orgasms takes over her body, her honey now dripping off your chin.
She sits up, kisses your cheek and whispers into your ear once more – you smile at her words.
As she gathers her clothing and joins her husband across the room, you motion for me to join you.
As I take the seat next to you, you tell me that she wanted you to share her honey – and I greedily lick your face clean.

The other couple joins us at the booth, the three of us sharing different details of how the night had been planned,
and that a hotel room waited for us just around the corner. Your still exposed cock tells us that your ready to continue the evening.
As we gather ourselves together and exit the bar, you stop and ask; and your name is?