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Allow girl the strength to answer questions she cannot fathom

Allow girl the spirit to know His needs

Allow girl the serenity to serve Him in peace

Allow girl the love to show Him herself

Allow girl the tenderness to comfort Him

Allow girl the wisdom to be an asset to Him

Let girl be able to show Him each day her love of her service to Him

Let girl open herself up to completely belong to Him

Let girl accept her punishment with the grace of a woman

Let girl learn to please Him, beyond herself

Grant girl the power to give herself to Him completely

Give girl the strength to please us both

Permit girl to love herself, in loving Him

For it is her greatest wish, her highest power to make His life complete as He makes hers

~Author Unknown



Posted: June 24, 2010 in Gorean, Meanings, Submission

The slave sits upon their heels with their back and shoulders straight, chest out, belly in, and head up, with eyes averted slightly downcast.

The slaves thighs are open, widely spread and hands rest upon their thighs palms downward (upward for their owner or someone special at times).

“Nadu” come from the Gorean word for “kneel” and it is also called the position of a pleasure slave.
Sometimes wrists are crossed in front as though for binding.

With regard to upward palms, among slaves, this is a common way of signaling need, helplessness, and a desire to please.

(Taken from Lara Dune)


On June 23rd, i was taught “Nadu” (among other things) by a highly respected friend and mentor.
This night, my life as a slave changed.  Thank you kind Sir.