A Swinger’s Night Before Christmas

Posted: December 25, 2011 in Non-monogamy, Poems and Lyrics, Swinging

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through our place,
Swingers were ready to party with eager looks on their face.
The men were all naked, hung and ready to rock,
Everyone anxious to enjoy some pussy and cock.
The people paired off and headed for different beds,
As visions of swinging sex danced in their heads.
Momma wore a sexy red teddy and I in my Santa G-string,
We took on a new couple, their first time to swing.
Soon out by the pool there came such a loud sound,
I sprang from the bed, my boner bouncing around.
I went to the window to see what was taking place,
And saw a woman moaning as she sat on some guy’s face.
The moon shone brightly on her huge bouncing boobs,
As she reached over to pick up a container of lube.
Then what to my wandering eyes do I see.
But more party people joining in with glee.
The action around the pool picked up very quick,
All the women were now busy sucking every dick.
The sex by the pool was wild, no one was alone,
Everyone was making sounds in a husky and throaty tone,
“Oh baby”, “Go Harder”, “Take it all”, the words went,
Back to the new couple and doing our thing till we were spent.
People came back in the house to keep on partying and screwing,
We four came downstairs to see what everyone was doing.
I quickly joined in with a couple making it three on a bed,
His wife wasted no time giving us both some great head.
Momma found herself sliding between a sexy blondes thighs,
Licking her juicy mound making her let out some hot, sexy sighs.
People were scattered all over and doing it in every way,
Everyone going at hot and heavy with someone to play.
Then by the fireplace appeared a man in a red suit giving out a call,
Dropping his pants the women noticed he had the biggest cock of all.
He said, “Merry Christmas and swinging holiday joys,”
Then added, “Just for you I’ve brought a sack full of new toys”.
He dumped his sack of dildos, vibes and such on the floor,
With a smile he said, “Have fun and enjoy them, I have plenty more.”
Everyone loved all the sexy fun toys he brought,
All the folks grabbing them for new sexy pleasures to be taught.
Santa’s boner got bigger and bigger as he fondled each woman and played,
Momma and another gal would make sure that Santa got laid.
They both sucked his pole then Momma took him deep inside,
The other gal straddled him, her pussy giving his face a ride.
The ladies rode him as if his eight reindeer were in heat,
While all the other guests were enjoying their new toy treats.
Soon everyone was so hot, ready to burst and pop their big loads,
Santa was hurrying himself along as he had to hit the road.
Here he was this big, round, plump and very jolly old guy,
But when he came the gals thought his load would shoot straight to the sky.
He kept cumming and cumming there seemed no end in sight,
Momma and the gals were thrilled and hoping he’d stay the night.
When he was finished he got up and put back on his suit of red,
Grabbed his sack and with a wink was out the door to his sled,
To his team of reindeer he gave out a big boisterous yell,
And in a flash away the all flew away like a bat out of hell.
But I heard Santa exclaim as they moved out of sight,
“Merry Christmas to all, I’d love to stay but I have 4 more swinger parties tonight!”


by Art Koch


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