Only the Beginning – Part II

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Bisexual, Non-monogamy, Swinging

(continued from this post)

The boys imaginations were now spiraling out of control,
their excitement now undeniable beneath their pants.
We did our best to help camouflage the evidence,
but our Cheshire smiles did all  but give away our secrets to the guests.
It seemed as though the clock was standing still,
but we were finally left alone.

The feminine energy couldn’t be denied any longer,
and she and I could no longer contain ourselves.
Undressing one another, a single piece at a time, we made our way to the bedroom.
Pausing only long enough to see that our partners were nearby,
our hands exploring every inch of one another.

Our journey ended up under a trail of steaming hot water;
kissing, touching, and exploring one another.
We hadn’t spent much time alone together before now,
and the boys seemed to be content in knowing they’d get their turn.
I couldn’t help but pinch and bite her nipples,
listening to her breathing quicken and body writhe, I knew she was on the brink of orgasm.

Our partners were waiting in the bedroom, and as I pushed her still wet body onto the bed they quickly moved out-of-the-way.
I climbed on top of her and paused – paused to look at this beautiful woman before me and leaned in to meet her lips with mine.
I could sense her holding back, fearful of everything she knows she wants but attempting to bury the feelings.
Regardless of where our relationship might go, we both knew that we needed one another to satiate that feminine desire burning within us…

I’ve decided not to complete this writing, due solely to the fact that I’ve written both of these posts in anticipation of an upcoming evening with two very special people.  Rather than writing fantasy, I’d rather write truth.  I won’t promise to write about the events that happen, but I can promise they will be worthy of being written about.

  1. mollyskiss says:

    Wow and wow and wow……along with the previous post this makes for electric reading. I hope you have a great time and if anything gets written about it I shall be here like a shot to read it.


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