National Coming Out Day

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Bisexual

I recently decided to jump on the bandwagon on Facebook, and join the Human Rights Campaign for National Coming Out Day.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t bold enough to announce my sexuality to all of Facebook – but simply joining the campaign and posting daily about equal rights was taking a huge step for me.

I’m open about my sexuality to those that I feel it matters.  However, I don’t think that co-workers  need to know that much about me. I work in a conservative field and a conservative company – and while the company has employed openly homosexual individuals before, it was something I just didn’t want to put out there for them to see – I’m perfectly happy with them assuming I’m in a monogamous marriage with a man.  But, deep inside it’s killing me that I can’t announce to anyone and everyone that I’m a non-monogamous bisexual kinky slave.  Who would truly understand what that means besides those I’m not afraid to tell it to?

I’m hoping in the  coming year that I can continue to take strides towards being true to myself.  I’d love to be able to hold the hand of my girlfriend in public (That would be assuming I actually had one!) and even kiss her if I so desired.  I want to be able to embrace and not feel the need to hide a relationship with another woman for fear of who might see or who won’t understand.

I saw that my little sister RSVP’d  to a NOH8 event at her school, here in the great ol’ southern bible belt.  I’m not sure that she’s had any intelligent discussion about the subject from my dad or step mom, but regardless of what kind of information she has I’m glad to see that she is supporting such an event.  As soon as she posted it I also saw several classmates posting hateful things about the event and yet she held strong in her opinion – I made it a point to tell her on the post that I was proud of her for taking a stand.  Who knows what my dad or step mom might have to say about that, but I don’t really care.

A friend of ours has a daughter that lives with her mother in another state.  Her step mom (and my friend) is bisexual and as a couple they are non-monogamous.  Recently, it came out that she (the daughter) was dating another girl.  It immediately became a huge ordeal with her mother telling her she was going to hell among other many hateful and hurtful things.  Fortunately, although they don’t share their life with the teenage daughter, they are supporting her in her decisions.  Her dad mentioned just this past weekend that he told her that she supported her in any decision that she made – whether it just be a phase or a life decision.  I’m so glad she has her dad and step mom to talk to about it. Its situations like these that lead to miserable people because they allow other people to make their decisions for them – and she doesn’t deserve anything less than happiness in a relationship, whether it be with a man or a woman.

Anyway, I hope everyone does something for National Coming Out Day – even if you aren’t coming out, at least support the cause.


  1. mollyskiss says:

    I am pretty open with people about my sexuality, most of my friends know that I am Bi and also sub, those that don;t are because I don’t think they would appreciate knowing, but I would happliy tell them if I thought they wouldn’t mind.

    Luckly I don’t currently work in a situation where my sexuality is of an consequence. However, i have just realised that my RL FB page doesn’t have anything about me being Bi on it, maybe I will fire up the local gossips and post that. Should be an enjoyable time!

    Good post as usual cadence


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