This Is Only the Beginning

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Bisexual, Non-monogamy, Swinging

It had been a while since we last spoke,
my fantasies drifting to find the pieces of yourself you’d left behind.
I missed you, I missed talking to you, touching and being touched by you.
We had explored enough of one another that I longed to taste you again,
our exploration always seeming to detour to the masculine energy in the room.

It’s nearly two fort nights before our paths cross again, erotic images spotting my thoughts.
I’m fascinated by your words, the images you share and the vulnerability you’ve revealed in recent days.
As much as I yearn for your friendship, my thoughts remain nefarious.
Knowing our sexual tension will be stifled by mundane visitors,
I can’t help but imagine seducing you in their midst.

We’d arrived later than other guests, nothing less than intentional
as our time together would extend much past those that arrived before us.
We mingle amongst the mundane guests,
the sexual tension built prior to our arrival weighing heavy in the air.

You step away into another room,
your body language making it clear that you want me to join you.
My skin flushes a shade of crimson red,
feeling like everyone in the room recognizes the wanton lust between us.

A quick exchange of silent glances with Master, and with his approval I follow shortly behind you.
I push the door closed, and waste no time backing you against the wall.
Your chin immediately falls to your chest, but only for a moment.
As  your eyes meet mine, my hands begin exploring you.

As my fingertips grazed the tops of your thighs, your dress easily creeps up to your waist.
I see a hint of embarrassment cross your face as my fingertips find your shaven mound.
Pressing myself into, I pull your dress over your head and allow our lips to meet.
Your arms paralyzed above you,
my fingers trace each curve until they meet your sweet honey pot once again.

Allowing a finger to slide between your swollen lips,
your darkest desires being revealed by your now dripping cunt.
As your breathing becomes heavy, I drop to my knees and take you into my mouth,
allowing my tongue to plunge into you, and taste your sweet nectar.

As I stand back up, and push my leg into your sex, I let you taste of yourself.
Your eyes tell me your not ready for this to end, so I whisper in you ear – this is only the beginning.
As  we pull ourselves together to join the guests in the other room, I whisper one last request.
Let’s show the boys what they have to look forward to.

We greet our respective partners with a kiss, your nectar still on our breath and lips.
And we both whisper, this is only the beginning.

  1. mollyskiss says:

    Wow, that is pretty heady reading and made me wanton and lusty for female play. You paint a descriptive image with your words. I look forward to what the beginning brings next.


    ps….You should publish this on JK, it is a glorious piece of writting.

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