National Sexual Freedom Day

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Bisexual, Random

I suppose to be able to talk about sexual freedom one might need to have an understanding of exactly what that means. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that any one person will ever define it the same as another.  We all add our own twists, caveats per se, that make it seem like it suits the purpose we might be using the word for.  In some cases, I believe one might put a negative spin on it – in their mind believing that sexual freedom is essentially promiscuity or sexual deviancy that is to be frowned upon.  In fact, this would be how I feel the majority of my georgraphic area probably feels about “sexual freedom.” I do live in the bible belt after all!

I prefer to define sexual freedom as an extension of freedom of expression.  If I so choose to express my interest in both men and women – so be it.  However, on a deeper level I’d like to believe that sexual freedom would also work as a shield for those that choose to be sexually free against those that are bound by their own inherent beliefs, religious philosophy and the like.

I also believe that this extends into the political realm as well.  Why can’t our nation operate in a more secular fashion – leaving the “judgement” to whatever deity they choose to believe in.  In the mean time, we are all humans – let us love who we choose to love, marry who we want to marry, be who we want to be.

Regardless of your perspective, I think National Sexual Freedom Day represents tolerance.  If we can at least learn to tolerate one another, regardless of how we identify – we can move closer to being sexually free.  Without tolerance, we will continue to fight for our sexual freedom.

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