Subspace, Squirting and Breaking Through

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Dominance, Power Exchange, Sadomasochism, Submission

Got your attention? Good!

So, here’s the quick and dirty background important to this post:

  • Approximately 14 months ago, an event was held with classes organized by yours truly. One class in particular, taught by Min and Eric was on Fisting and Female Ejaculation (You can see their resources HERE).
  • I discovered approximately a year and a half ago that I’m quite the masochist, at which time I only carried the label of Switch (Top/bottom). I had yet to submit to anyone and I was not my Master’s slave. (We were husband and wife though)
  • Approximately 1 year ago, I became the slave of my Master.
  • Periodically over this period of time, Master and I have tried to play in an S/M nature, but he is no sadist and my mind interprets any act of sadism from him as punishment – we mutually agreed that I needed to fulfill my masochistic tendencies with other play partners.
  • Periodically since the Fisting and Female Ejaculation class, Master has tried to make me squirt – the closest I’ve ever been was in front of a room full of people at our local swingers club, Trapeze.

Fast forward to now…

Just the other day, I mentioned to Master that I would like to attempt S/M play again. My imagination has been in overdrive on all sorts of things and I wanted to explore some of those thoughts.  The caveat to this newest attempt at S/M play was that I wanted to try it during sex.  I feel the most “submissive” and “slave like” when he is using me for his pleasure and I wanted to explore my deepest submissive feelings and intertwine them with S/M.

Enter the AM of Saturday morning.

I remember the question vividly,
Do you want to try, he asked?
Yes Sir, I replied.
I almost wish he hadn’t asked,
but this was crossing a hard limit
so, he reconfirmed my desire.
I was stretched across the bed, on all fours;
ass perched high in the air,
cunt aching to feel him penetrate me.
He left me there,vulnerable.
When he returned, I didn’t dare open my eyes;
I didn’t need to know how he’d strike me,
I just needed to know he was going to.
I made a wish at this moment,
please let this work;
I NEED this to work.
He entered me slowly,
my senses already heightened,
I could nearly feel his heartbeat from deep within me;
the pulse of his raging hard on beating like a drum.
He paused there, savoring the moment,
perhaps even questioning the potential outcome.
He struck me, a familiar sensation;
he continued, his strikes being occasionally met by a thrust of his hips.
I pushed back against him, murmurs and moans escaping my lips,
a smirk crosses my lips when I realize the frequency of his strikes.
I’d broken through the barrier, not a single tear was shed from my eyes;
instead I was blissfully enjoying every second of it.
My back arched to meet the strike of his quirt, my hips rocked to meet his thrust,
even the strike of his bare hand was sending shock waves through me.
At some point, everything around me faded leaving only Master and myself;
and a puddle on the sheets.

That puddle on the sheets means more than anyone could ever possibly imagine!
Thank you, Sir!

(This picture is *NOT* me – I wish my puddle had been that big, but I’m happy with the results regardless!)

  1. mollyskiss says:

    Go cadence. There is nothing like the feel of his hard cock inside me and the strike of his hand across my bottom at the same time for me to be in HEAVEN!!!


    • This is definitely a break through for us, as we’ve never successfully merged our M/s dynamic with s/m. I’m certain that I will still be seeking play from others to meet my “pain slut” needs but I’m glad I’ve found a way to work through things with Master. He will never be a sadist, and I don’t expect him to be – I’m just glad he lets me play with others that are!

  2. aphrodite645 says:

    Love this post Cadence, I cum the hardest when Sir has his cock deep inside my ass and his hand strikes my buttocks over and over matching his deep hard thrusts the pain radiates through me until it is pure pleasure.


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