Worship the Demon

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Consensual Nonconsent, Dominance, Power Exchange, Submission

I will rape your flesh

you will scream

I will inseminate you with My control

you are mine

I will desecrate your body

you will try to escape and I will drag you back

I will pull you by your hair

you will cower in humiliation

I will ravage you from behind

you will whimper in pleading despair

I will crawl across your skin

you will feel Me, heat radiating from inside your sex

I will push you over the edge, between fantasy and reality

you will be left speechless

I will be whatever demon you imagine Me to be

you will worship the Demon, you will worship Me

I will be your Master

you will be my slave

  1. mollyskiss says:

    This is great piece of writing Cadence. You should submit it to JK for publication. Made me shiver……in a good way…..lol



  2. Mmm… reminded me of my CNC weekend… very nice.

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