Domme Dilemma

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Bisexual, Dominance, Random, Submission

A question came across my formspring account recently, asking what type of submissive I wanted.  I answered the question based on both Master and myself being in the dynamic, because I genuinely think that is the only dynamic Master would consider.  But, as I think a little more on the subject I realize that Master may not necessarily have to be “in” the dynamic, but would rather be on the sidelines – perhaps only indulging in the relationship on occasion.

The more I thought about this idea, the more I realized how much the thought really made sense and also turned me on.  It has been hard to find a woman who would be interested in serving both Master and myself, the constant worry of pleasing not only one but two different people could prove to be too much for even a seasoned submissive.  Communication between all parties could also prove challenging – especially since Master and I communicate so very differently, as we discovered recently with a submissive that was under our consideration.

Could it be easier to find a female submissive to serve a female Domme? Could that submissive consider allowing the addition of a Dom to the picture on occasion, be it for s/m play or sexual play?  Would a submissive find it hard to submit to a Domme, who is also a slave – or would that be considered a positive character trait – perhaps having a more intricate understanding of what submission is?

These are the things I ponder, especially when I want so desperately to keep the company of another woman on a fairly regular basis.


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