From My Side of the Bed

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Bisexual, Non-monogamy

I curled my body under the covers, exhausted by the days events.
You’re enjoying a text conversation with a friend, a female friend.
You share tidbits of details, here and there;
a generally innocent conversation sprinkled with the occasional sexual innuendo.

You’ve mentioned her before, casually discussing the possibilities that she might offer.
You’ve made it a point to mention her bisexuality – a point that I am well aware of,
as soon as the words cross your lips my thighs grow warm and my pussy damp.

You move into the bathroom, preparing for your night’s rest;
all the while continuing your conversation – your phones siren sounding time and time again.
The details you choose to share diminish, and my imagination begins filling in the blanks.

As I lay there, my imagination paints a vivid erotic picture,
flashes of images race against the backs of my eyelids like an vintage motion picture.
Beautiful long hair, bountiful breasts and curves that you’d not be able to walk away from,
lips and tongue that could make us both sing in pleasure.
I sit up, lustful and short of breath.
I had imagined that your cock was erect with excitement while you flirted with her,
disappointment sets in when I see otherwise.

I ask how much longer before you’ll be joining me, you promise not long.
Your conversation was ending, and you were about to wash away the days grime.
You close the door, so I may slip into a deep sleep, but sleep is far from my mind.

Hearing the water drops against the shower walls, against your body, my mind begins to drift again. I imagine that she’s with you, savoring a few sensual moments; unaware of my presence behind the door. You’re behind her, you kiss her neck, her shoulders – you run your hands across her curves; your hard cock slides between her legs and enter her moist cunt, I imagine the  sounds, her gentle moans and your occasional heavy breath and grunt. And just when you’re on the brink of exploding you have her turn around and kneel before you,
she greedily swallows every ounce of your thick seed.

As I lay there in the bed, I realize how badly I want to witness your secret desire for her; I want to see the images crossing through your imagination while you believe I’m behind the closed-door, soundly sleeping. I can’t help but to burst into the bathroom, desperately hoping to find you stroking your cock. I wanted to be there to see you explode from those lustful thoughts of her. But, you weren’t erect nor were you stimulating yourself. While your thoughts may have been of her, you weren’t lost in them enough to pleasure yourself.
I desperately wanted to find you in that vulnerable state, my cunt aching to catch you in your deepest darkest lustful desires. I made an excuse for my interruption, and swiftly left the room.

Disappointed, I return to my side of the bed; pussy throbbing and soaked.
You join me, and I reach my foot across the bed to touch you,
you respond with a loose snuggle, being respectful of the space I usually desire.

But, what I really wanted was for you to make love to me.
I wanted you to snuggle up behind me, and push your cock between my dripping pussy lips.
I wanted you to kiss and bite my neck, and tell me how sweet and tight my cunt felt around your cock.
Then I wanted you to call me by her name while you let your seed explode into the depths of me.
I wanted it to be her on my side of the bed.

  1. mollyskiss says:

    Very erotic post and image you create. I admit that I have thought about feeding my Masters cock into another girl, but then I know I would be begging for him to take me too.

    Great writing as usual Cadence


    ps, if my Master got into bed with me in that wet throbbing state I think he would be able to smell it, I suspect he would have been on me in a moment…….I will let you know if I find out

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