Seducing a Woman – Revisited

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Bisexual, Non-monogamy

I often find it funny how just putting something out there can somehow cosmically bring things back to you ten fold.

I know your wondering if this means I found a woman to bring home, or perhaps that a woman brought me home. Well, unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case.

First, my Master made it quite clear that he was proud of my post and glad to see that I had gotten some chatter going about it as well – he knows that I enjoy interaction even if it is with those that I have found virtually!  That alone, made me all the more proud of myself…for being vulnerable enough to say that I wanted a girlfriend, that I needed a girlfriend and that I needed help in following through with it.

Second, we went out to dinner on Friday night, quite unexpectedly with friends. [Read: previous play partners – And while we haven’t played with them in over 8 months, we are still friends.]  Even though I enjoy the other mans (lets call him S) company, we don’t have the greatest chemistry in terms of flirting. Now, Master and the girl (lets call her A)- that’s a whole other story! They flirt and flirt and flirt some more – always have, and probably always will.  I can’t say I’m not a little envious, since in order for me to feel comfortable flirting I have to get at least a little something back in return and I get nothing from S!  Ah, but I digress.

Anyway, I had quite a bit to drink (margarita’s, nom nom nom!) and was doing a little bit of karaoke in a Mexican restaurant that has a separate bar area. It was VERY busy and we took seats at the bar.  So, we had finished eating we kind of all huddled near the end of the bar – looking through the karaoke book, trying to find a song or two to sing – chatting and carrying one.  Master had invited an old high school friend (lets call her L) to meet us up there, and so she was there at this point as well.  I think he’s into her, but he hasn’t admitted it to me yet.  Anyway, A and I are carrying on, listening to songs on her IPod trying to decide if we wanted to sing it or not.  I was close to her, but not unusually close. Next thing I know, she leans in for a kiss – nothing too intense, just a quick kiss. But, it completely caught me off guard. Partially, because I had been thinking about nothing but girls ALL damn day long, and here I am with another woman kissing me. Second, because we were in public. I’ve kept my bisexuality behind closed doors, besides at the Trap [Read: Trapeze – our local swingers club].  Anyway, it was a short lived kiss that lingered on my lips for a very long time that night.  I loved that she did it, it’s out of A’s nature (at least in my opinion) and I loved it even more that it was in public (my love of anything taboo got a nice boost).  They came back to the house, and A was flirting pretty heavily with Master but S had to work early and they had to leave – I’m certain A wanted to play!  At that point I was turned on beyond belief, and of course so was Master – we fucked for quite some time that night – the colorful language between us of course being painted by filthy descriptions of A eating my pussy while Master fucked her and her squirting all over him, Master fucking my ass while I eat her pussy… of course when I asked Master if he wanted to fuck her and he said yes, that alone was worth the evenings events.  Knowing that even if he wasn’t being pleasured by A, that I could help facilitate some fantasy – it is and always will be a turn on for me.

So, Saturday rolls around with no major plans for the day except the Lords of Acid / My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult concert that evening.  I had no intention of dressing for the concert, but Master asked that I wear my leather skirt. Normally, I’d oblige but I knew the heat would be intolerable in leather, and resorted to a different skirt that he approved of along with a low cut tank, fish nets and boots.  I had decided to wear my hair up even though it looked more elegant than anything – so I spiced it up with some purple hair pieces. I didn’t go overboard with make-up but I did change it up and add some color to my normal earthy tones.  Master did a corset piercing down my chest (via medical staples) and I laced it up with purple ribbon as well!  At that point, I was fantasizing about Master fucking me during the show – skirt = easy access. But, I left the house feeling like I was going to stick out like a sore thumb, but when I arrived I felt like anyone else walking into the venue. (phewww!)  We had originally had plans to meet some fellow kinky couple for dinner before the show, but their babysitter wouldn’t arrive early enough for that – so we met them at the show.  Long story short, the girl sees some other girls trying to snap a picture of themselves and steps in and offers to take it for them.  Now, this didn’t appear to be a move by my friend to pick up those girls – but when I saw it I immediately thought to myself – why didn’t I think of that, perfect opportunity to “put myself out there” when it comes to the ladies… subtle, but still more than I was doing!  Mental Note: Take pictures for cute girls!  Master at some point was telling the other couple about when I heard Lords of Acid for the first time…how interesting could that be your thinking, right? The first time I heard Lords of Acid, we were on a road trip to who knows where…he puts it in, I’m liking it – intrigued by the lyrics to say the least – and before I know it I’m masturbating in the front seat! Can we just say that Lords of Acid music makes me horn? Anyway, when he says this to the other couple, the girl comes up and puts her arm around me and is like, ‘Hey.’  Anyway, nothing happened – but Master later said that he thought she was ‘sweet on me’.  I don’t know about that – but I can’t say I wouldn’t consider playing with her – she’s cute and kinky! I might have considered pushing myself and flirting a bit – but I was miserably hot as soon as we got there – so, I wasn’t feeling seductive or sexy, AT ALL!  Eh…maybe I’ll get another opportunity?  Another kinky couple caught up with us not long after that – and I’d totally be into her too – but again, pouring sweat = “not feelin’ it Cadence”.

So, after my initial post about How to Seduce A Woman, I get presented with all sorts of opportunity and while nothing extraordinary came from it – I’d say it was a great weekend with lots of potential in the future.  Maybe writing about it just made me more aware? Who knows!  All I do know is it solidified the idea that I know what I want, and I have the means to make it happen!


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