Bend Me To Your Will

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Dominance, Random, Submission

I long for you to bend me to your will,
expose my cunt, and force yourself into me.
My cunt will be throbbing and leaking,
long before you press yourself between my lips.
And, in the midst of your fast and forceful strokes,
a touch of my clit will bring a quick and powerful orgasm,
my cunt pulsing and clenching your manhood.
You reach your height, and as you remove yourself from my warmth,
I immediately kneel in front of you,
tasting my own honey, and begging for you to give me yours.
You fuck my face, and I know at any moment your going to give me your gift,
to taste and swallow. But instead,
you push me away and burst onto my face.
I twitch in shock, my face covered in your lust;
and soon realize that you are putting your little whore on display
for all of the others we already had encountered, or would encounter in that room.

  1. mollyskiss says:

    What a delicious image. Made me growl.


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