The Dance

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Bisexual, Non-monogamy

i sit here, waiting and watching, with baited breath

it won’t take long for Him to find his stride

who is He going to talk to, flirt with

i am comforted by the fact that His heart belongs to me

even if that is the only worldly possession that i can rightfully call my own

i know His type, i can usually see her before He does

and in that moment, a wave of heat rushes over my body

the glimmer in His eye, the smile on His face, the flirtatious dance between them

He will never take the lead, if she is to want anything from Him, she is expected to do that

and when she does – when her prowess becomes the radiating force between them

it is then that He will play the game

only He left one part out

a whisper between them, i’m simply a voyeur in the audience

she cuts her eyes across the room, and our eyes meet

this dance isn’t a duo, this dance is for three


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